New assistant principal joins Raider family

From 32.3 miles away, comes new Assistant Principal Ms. LeeAnn Stephenson. 

“I began my career in education in 2005 in Garland ISD. I taught and coached for six years at Garland High School before taking a position in Mesquite ISD,” Stephenson said. “I taught and became the girls’ coordinator and head basketball coach at John Horn High School before being offered an AP position in Frisco ISD.” 

Stephenson is receiving a positive response from fellow staffulty members. 

Assistant Principal Ms. LeeAnn Stephenson
New face \\ Hailing from Frisco ISD, LeeAnn Stephenson joins the Raider family as the newest assistant principal.

“I look forward to getting to know Ms. Stephenson,” Principal Mike Williams said. “I’ve got to be able to lead in a way where there is trust, and build a great administrative team for the future.” 

New to campus, ready to see her students and share her experiences in previous years, Stephenson, former administrator at Frisco High School, was welcomed to campus Jan. 4. 

“It was an opportunity that came up,” Stephenson said. “Because of some of the things I’ve heard about this district it was intriguing.” 

Although she originally didn’t want to be an educator, a phone call in early spring in her college years changed her mind. 

“The sudden passing of my mother this past August has made me more inclined to slow down and plan for what is best for me right now and in my future overall,” Stephenson said. 

It’s not a completely different change, but this is a new school for her to get to know and come to love. 

“Anytime you come somewhere new, it takes time to become part of a campus,” Williams said. 

But Stephenson didn’t always plan to be an assistant principal. 

“It happened by coincidence,” Stephenson said. “At first I didn’t like being a teacher, I didn’t want to deal with unruly children. During college I played basketball, and I got a call early in the spring asking if I wanted to be a coach and a teacher and then I happened to fall in love with teaching.” 

Stephenson has taught health and physical education over the years. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Indiana University and a Master’s degree from Lamar University. 

“I am looking forward to experiencing all of the wonderful things I have heard about East for myself,” Stephenson said. “Everyone I have met has wonderful things to say about the staff, campus and district. Everyone has been very kind and welcoming so far. I look forward to the gift, experience and challenge each day at East.” - See more at: